You do not like Clouds?

You do not like Clouds?

There are many different opinions and even emotions out there around having the company's (or even personal) applications - and the according data - run on-premise or in the clouds. Good arguments could be found on both sides. But in fact there are circumstances where required software must be operated on-premise.


2021-01-12 14:48

We do know and definitely understand that!

To be honest, when we start looking for a new software in the context of our company, we always check if it could be run on-premise and used (as a service) in the clouds, where we not only could decide that on purchase but switch that at later times.

You want your own instance of KeepOn.Today on your own server?

So, here are the good news: From the very beginning of planning and implementing KeepOn.Today we are considering the option to offer the application for running it on-premise on own servers, in own data centers and so on.

Of course there are some special topics while planning and implementing our software where the (intention to put it into) operation within on-premise environments do change things heavily. So be patient with the according roadmap.

This specially regarding the integration into existing authentication and authorization services; which we want to implement and offer ... some day.

If you do have any special needs or ideas around that, simply contact us and dsecribe them to us.