Keep On Today

Keep On Today

Getting things done is not as easy as it sounds when and if you'll have the tasks and to dos you're responsible for scattered accross many several sources, services, and systems.


2020-10-14 16:34

But to be honest is that exactly what most of us experience everyday. It all starts with the "standard" (so defined in many, many enterprises) tool for collaboration where e-mails, calendars and stuff should get "organized" and "exchanged" :P while it is not (or only with expensive or complicated ways/tools) possible to use different (user's favored) app(lication)s to not only get an "outlook" but getting able to really organize.

Strictly speaking this is for many of us the second source for tasks due to having tasks and to do's waiting for getting done in the family context as well.

There is a to do waiting for you in that other Jira instance for that project.

The funny thing is that we should discuss what "standard" tool mean?! This because when it comes to leads in Customer Relationship Management, issues and tickets in Customer Experience and Support, work packages in Project Management, bug reports and change requests in Development Platforms and many more there are always tasks and to do's around them which normally (certainly) are "waiting" in the appropriate (corresponding) sources, services and systems.

Summing up this all means that at the beginning of day we all start with hunting and collecting our tasks and to do's - so our daily work - and monitoring changes on all sources is must.

All your to do's
from all sources
at one single point
— A dreaming Developer

Exactly that was the initial thought (eh, ... dream) we had when we decided to build KeepOn.Today and it certainly still is.

What will KeepOn.Today achieve? On the one hand all collected tasks and to do's will be available through the well-known protocol CalDAV. This means that nearly all existing calendar and tasks/to do's manag(ement provid)ing app(lication)s will be able to work with KeepOn.Today - on some platforms even the OS provided tools like Apple Calendar and Reminders.

On the other hand ((time based) automated) importers will connect to the different sources, services and systems, collect tasks and to do's and provide them for usage.

There will be (and already are) ready-made imports for special services and platforms - like initially for Jira and Confluence - as well as the possibility to build own imports using a special JSON scheme to define parsing and extracting the needed tasks and to do's out of their sources, services and systems.

Certainly we will provide a special place where such custom importers could be published for other users - for sure not all users are able to read and form those JSON strutures - and implement additional importers continuously as well.

In a later step we will implement web hooks on the one hand - where those tasks and to do's providing sources, services and systems would be able to post according directly to KeepOn.Today - and on the other hand an API will become available for using the KeepOn.Today in others systems or even app(lication)s.

We do want to get things done. So beside being happy to have you aboard we absolutely encourage you to tell us all your needs and wished around this tasks and to do's stuff.

Keep On Today!